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Creek Bank Tanks LLC

110 volt conversion kit

110 volt conversion kit

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This is new 110vt kit with adding 2nd danco. Video is old we have new way to do it please contact me if have any questions. 

A carboard template will be sent with it to install new danco. 12v mag drive will be hooked up to new danco. 110v will contect to current danco in tank. If you dont have 12v mag drive pump you need to contact me so i can send correct pumping.

Option for 30 gal and 50 gal tank. This kit will allow you to add 110 volt pump to any 30 or 50 gal tank of our.

Please note how old your tank is and if 30 or 50 gal when ordering or give me a call 702-595-4868

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