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Shad Spa 2 -- Filter/aeration tube

Shad Spa 2 -- Filter/aeration tube

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 Shad Spa 2

This is a drop in filter/Aeration tube. You can put this in about any tank and filter the water and Aerate the water. Its tested to keep shad /herring/ many other baits alive for at least 24 hrs. 

Short version requires at least 12 inch of water to work correctly. Tall version needs 14 inch of water at least to run correctly. 

You can have ether our 570gph 12vt mag drive pump or 500 gph 110v pump in it. Has removable filters that are reusable many times over. Comes with standard 3/8 holes in bottom. If you want run smaller baits please let me know i can adjust as needed. Also comes with a 5lb lead weight to keep it on bottom of tank. 

We have been working and testing this for over a yr now. I have keep about so many different kinds of baits in it. Have put in many different size tanks/coolers. I would say 20 gal is about the min amount of water you want to use with it. 

Here some videos of the Shad spa 2. I will be doing more and adding them later.


 I cant get video how take out filter to load on here right now so you have to go to this link for now.







Please contact me at 702-595-4868 for questions or order by phone

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